Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)

Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF),

How To Define Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)?

  1. Undelivered futures (NDF) agreements are usually short-term agreements that are settled in cash. The value of the face has never changed, so the name cannot be given. In the case of monetary NDF, both parties agree to accept the opposing party for a certain amount of money agreed upon under the agreement. This means that the partner agrees to pay the difference between the agreed NDF price and the current spot rate. Profit or loss is calculated on the basis of the nominal value of the contract, taking into account the difference between the contract rate and the cash settlement rate.

    • The Non-Transferable Futures Agreement (NDF) is a two-part currency derivative agreement used to exchange cash flows between the NDF and the current spot rate.
    • The NDF's largest markets are the Chinese yuan, the Indian rupee, the South Korean won, the new Taiwan dollar and the Brazilian real.
    • The largest NDF trading segment is the US dollar, located in London, with active markets in Singapore and New York.

Literal Meanings of Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)


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