Non-Controlling Interest

Non-Controlling Interest,

Non-Controlling Interest: What is the Meaning of Non-Controlling Interest?

  • A simple definition of Non-Controlling Interest is: Brian Barnier is the chief analyst at Value Bridge Advisors, co-founder and editor-in-chief of, and a visiting professor at the Colin Powell School of City University in New York City.

    • Minority shares, also called minority shares, are ownership positions in which shareholders own less than 50% of the shares.
    • As a result, minority shareholders do not have individual control over the company's decisions, nor do they vote for themselves.
    • The uncontrollable interest allocates the proceeds of all (before and after the acquisition) of the subsidiary's reported equity.
    • Indirect uncontrolled interest received a proportional distribution of money after acquiring only one subsidiary.
    • Unlike minority stocks, majority stocks have a shareholder's right to vote to determine the company's decisions.

Literal Meanings of Non-Controlling Interest


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