Nominal rate of return

Nominal rate of return,

Definition of Nominal rate of return:

  1. Yield on an investment expressed in current dollars, without factoring-in compounding or discounting or the effect of inflation.

Meaning of Nominal rate of return & Nominal rate of return Definition

Nominal Rate Of Return,

How Do You Define Nominal Rate Of Return?

  • Nominal Rate Of Return means: Nominal return is the amount that an investor makes before considering expenses such as taxes, capital and inflation. If the investment yields a 10% return, the nominal interest rate will be 10%. After accounting for inflation during the investment period, the actual return is likely to be lower.

    • Nominal return is the amount an investment is made before calculating expenses such as taxes, capital and inflation.
    • Nominal return helps investors evaluate the performance of their departments, eliminating external factors that may affect performance, such as taxes and inflation.
    • By tracking the nominal return on a portfolio or its components, investors can see how they have managed their investments over time.

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