Definition of Nomenclature:

  1. The devising or choosing of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline.

  2. Set or system of official names, terms, or specialized vocabulary used in a particular area, discipline, or subject such as accounting, engineering, finance, law. This online dictionary, for example, is a compendium of the nomenclature of about 60 business related subjects.

How to use Nomenclature in a sentence?

  1. The Linnean system of zoological nomenclature.
  2. Steve wanted to become a lawyer more than anything, but he could never grasp the nomenclature , no matter how hard he tried.
  3. The nomenclature that you use up here in the payment processing department is verbiage that I dont understand and cannot pronounce.
  4. It was important for the new employee to understand the specific nomenclature used by the engineers he would be working with.

Meaning of Nomenclature & Nomenclature Definition