Nome Dos Apóstolos De Jesus

Nome Dos Apóstolos De Jesus

What are the names in Hebrew and Aramaic, meaning: (or real name) the two apostles of Christ?

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Hello, before the bomb answers me, any notes on what Christ was like? The bomb came there. If the Messiah is of Jewish origin, then his name is Jewish and he can never be called Christ, because it is not a Jewish name, and it will not feel like a prediction that he will have or the Messiah. Can't do everything and it's not safe for me, it's true, not for me © YOHÚSHUA YAOHUPAI, creator. / SHUA = In the name of Christian salvation  YAOHÚSUUA. The name Jesus Christ fears the story behind it all, the real trade adopted by the creatures of Constantinople. But for you, for you to listen, you have to find all the truths behind the sacred lipstick and for that you have to know that you want to find the truth and this concept or my holy What is the system? Lying. But you want to know what you say:

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جواؤ یاہوخوان


Paul or Saul Saul


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Nome Dos Apóstolos De Jesus

Nome Dos Apóstolos De Jesus

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The real name of Jesus is not recorded in the Book of Life.

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Nome Dos Apóstolos De Jesus