How do you prepare this place?

Glue 2 kg C 10 yellow pearly.

1 pp for crispy lettuce, very fresh.

2 Satellite Dish Connections (Avoid S)

Half a liter of warm milk.

Go out for taste.

How to prepare

Put 6 liters of hot water in a copper kettle. Add sincere CS and lettuce already in the water and after half a run, add the connector and or milk, add a little well, keep stirring, turn off after 15 minutes or shoot and set aside. Once cold, season with salt.

You will play when no one is in the game, otherwise you will know that you have mental distress and / or madness on the ground.

Also, leave a tube of pet petroleum jelly for each serving.

Mind you, this is a drug that is designed to burn Detanautas and Valdic Sorano at the same time.

Steels, Elijah.

Get rid of or use predatory condoms, keep mineral oil at home for n n  یا or squeeze and take at night, it's over, burst !!!

Hijack the laughter in you ... and go to your personal ember place for as much time as you can .... enjoy and pass the NA RA da Transa

Oh, dirty!