Noise pollution

Noise pollution,

Definition of Noise pollution:

  1. A form and level of environmental sound that is generally considered likely to annoy, distract or even harm other people. Most industrial plants operated by a business located near a residential area will need to be respectful of others residing within earshot regarding their production of noise pollution. Also called sound pollution.

  2. Harmful or annoying levels of noise, as from airplanes, industry, etc.

How to use Noise pollution in a sentence?

  1. I did not wanna move to that area because of the noise pollution and how annoying it would become after a couple days.
  2. Proposals to combat noise pollution.
  3. Its important to make sure that you choose the location of important business meetings carefully, its easy for noise pollution to distract from the issues.
  4. The noise pollution was extensive in the region so we had attributed the causes to the extreme amounts of construction.

Meaning of Noise pollution & Noise pollution Definition