Definition of NO-PAY, NO-PLAY:

  1. The idea is that people who don't buy protection shouldn't get anything. It prohibits uninsured drivers from receiving compensation from the insured driver. Under this law, in most states, uninsured drivers cannot claim moral damages, such as financial losses. In other states, the uninsured driver will have to pay a higher rebate ($ 10,000) before filing a lawsuit and claiming property damage and other large deductions. Aggressive action.

Literal Meanings of NO-PAY, NO-PLAY


Meanings of NO:
  1. do not do that.

  2. It is used to react negatively.

  3. Absolutely not.

  4. do not do that.

  5. Negative reactions or decisions, for example. B. Voting.

  6. Noblem's chemical elements.

Sentences of NO
  1. without reason

  2. It is not possible to automatically change the SIM to n

Synonyms of NO

turndown, rebuff, snub, veto, disapproval, by no means, snubbing, negation, never, refusal, not really, negative, no, under no circumstances, cold-shouldering, rejection, not at all, turning down, dismissal, absolutely not, non-acceptance, no thanks, of course not, no indeed


Meanings of PAY:
  1. Give money (to someone) owed to someone for work, receive items or have loans.

  2. The action may result in loss or other misfortune.

  3. Give (someone) (attention, respect or admiration)

  4. Someone is paid for a regular job.

  5. Seal with tar or tar (deck or hull connection) to prevent leakage.

Sentences of PAY
  1. Paying residents to buy coffee beans

  2. He paid the price for his impatience

  3. No one paid attention to them

  4. Those who work under the contract may receive higher wages

Synonyms of PAY

reimburse, tip, present, afford, atone, bestow, take-home pay, be punished, salary, hand out, recompense, remunerate, wage, offer, suffer, wages, give payment to, pay the price, payment, give, indemnify, extend, settle up with, proffer, render, get one's deserts


Meanings of PLAY:
  1. Participate in activities for fun and entertainment, not for any serious or practical purpose.

  2. Participate in (sports)

  3. Representation (role) in a theater or film performance.

  4. Keep playing (musical instrument)

  5. Move it slowly and quickly for the flicker to come and go.

  6. Drain the fish by pulling the rope before pulling back.

  7. Fun and recreational activities, especially for children.

  8. Holding sports or sports competitions.

  9. Dramatic work for stage or radio.

  10. Within this space or in which a mechanism can move or move.

  11. The movement is light and constantly changing.

Sentences of PLAY
  1. The children are playing outside

  2. I play softball and tennis

  3. She played Ophelia

  4. We heard someone playing the harmonica

  5. A smile appeared on her lips

  6. No fisherman has ever thrown such a cautious or cunning beautiful fish

  7. A toy child can use a cane like an airplane

  8. The next day the game is interrupted by rain

  9. The actors did new plays

  10. The shelves are loose and there are some games

  11. Artists use light play on the surface

Synonyms of PLAY

perform, teleplay, portray, engage in, cavort, take part in, theatrical piece, be at leisure, gambol, freedom of movement, caper, ripple, recreation, have fun, games, join in, farce, enjoyment, play the part of, divert oneself, flit, take the role of