No-Par Value

No-Par Value,

How To Define No-Par Value?

No special value shares or bonds.

Literal Meanings of No-Par Value


Meanings of No:
  1. There is no one.

  2. Used to answer negative.

  3. Absolutely not, not at all.

  4. no.

  5. Negative reactions or decisions, especially when voting.

  6. NNW

  7. No.

  8. The chemical element noblem

  9. Different spellings.

  10. A chemical element with atom number 102, a radioactive metal of the actinide series. Nobelum does not occur naturally and was first created by bombarding the corium with a carbon core.

  11. Masked with traditional Japanese theater, Shinto dance and song.

Sentences of No
  1. For no reason

  2. "Is there something wrong here?" "" no. "

  3. You can't do better than me.

  4. I will not stay for a while.

  5. Yes no i can't change automatically

  6. No. 27

  7. Play for nine

Synonyms of No

by no means, nay, most certainly not, nah, nope, of course not, negative, never, nae, no siree, not on your nelly, not at all, no thanks, no indeed, not on your life, absolutely not, naw, not really, under no circumstances, no fear


Meanings of Par:
  1. The number of shots that a top player usually makes for a particular hole or course.

  2. Fee value of shares or other securities in terms of market value.

  3. Play (hole) at eye level.

  4. A paragraph.

  5. Sentence group.

  6. Variable spelling paragraph 1 is abbreviated before the letter oh (as in paraldehyde, parody, parahlion).

  7. Next door.

  8. An alternative to the opposite carbon atoms in a benzene ring is called, for example, at position 1,4.

Sentences of Par
  1. Wozniak went three-under last night.

  2. 9% interest can be paid on unsecured loans.

  3. Appeared calmly on the 17th.

  4. Fifteen sheets on the first page.

  5. Please see it 3.1 above.

  6. Paratex


Meanings of Value:
  1. The fact is that something deserves its meaning, value or usefulness.

  2. Behavioral assessment principles or standards, which are important in your life.

  3. A numerical quantity, denoted by an algebraic term, quantity, quantity or number.

  4. The relative duration of the accent indicated by the accent

  5. Relatively light lightness or darkness of a certain color.

  6. Cost advantage.

  7. Consider (someone or something) important or useful to have a good opinion about.

Sentences of Value
  1. Internalize your parents' principles and values.

  2. The artist uses neighboring color values ​​in low tide.

  3. Its estimated cost is 45 45,000.

  4. He began to respect your privacy.

Synonyms of Value

hold in high regard, esteem, think highly of, usefulness, worth, cherish, point, assistance, benefit, rules of conduct, admire, appreciate, significance, sense, worth its/one's weight in gold, rate (highly), have a high opinion of, favourite, code of behaviour, practicality, attach importance to, esteemed, think much of, price, hold dear, standards of behaviour