No Mercy Meaning

No Mercy Meaning

What does it mean to have no mercy? ۔

I heard a song and he said the following lines:

For the first time, there is no mercy in your eyes.

What does it mean not to have mercy?

This means that they are really bad and they are going to hurt you until you can take it further and then they are going to hurt you more.

Yes, it can be called mercy, as in the act of mercy, although charity was the most common word. Mercy is more than forgiveness, it also means that someone should be treated better than he deserves, even if he is not forgiven.

No excuses

Definition of mercy

Be careful

€ ‚/ Ãmà Ârsi / Sw Dinkel [mursee] Sw IPA

oun € oun noun, plural for 4, 5.


One or the other person with the power of empathy or sympathy, compassion, mercy or mercy with the offender: have mercy on the sinner.

It has no compilation. The purpose of forgiveness.

There is no goodness or humanity.

Oh, no mercy.

How old are you ?

No regrets, tomorrow, etc.

No Mercy Meaning