Nitrogen fixation

Nitrogen fixation,

Definition of Nitrogen fixation:

  1. The chemical processes by which atmospheric nitrogen is assimilated into organic compounds, especially by certain microorganisms as part of the nitrogen cycle.

  2. Process by which free nitrogen (N2) is extracted from the atmosphere and converted (fixed) into nitrogen compounds which are plant nutrients (fertilizer). In nature, this process is carried out by certain bacteria (present in the root nodules of legumes such as beans and peas), blue-green algae, and the lightning flash.

How to use Nitrogen fixation in a sentence?

  1. The plant life was overdue for some much-needed nutrients, so scientists were pleased to see nitrogen fixation taking place because it meant fertilizer would soon be abundant.
  2. The pesticides and chemicals leeched into the garden, killing the beneficial organisms needed for adequate nitrogen fixation , and resulting in spindly, unhealthy plants.
  3. Legumes, such as soybean, are able to capture atmospheric nitrogen and utilize it through the process of nitrogen fixation.
  4. Nitrogen fixation plays an important role in the earths ecosystem as it enables plants to utilize nitrogen as natural fertilizer and then put oxygen back into the atmosphere.

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