Nitrate (NO3)

Nitrate (NO3),

Definition of Nitrate (NO3):

  1. Inorganic or organic ester or salt of nitric acid, containing the (NO3-) ion. Nitrates are the most water soluble of all salts, and play a major part in nitrogen cycle and nitrate pollution. Inorganic nitrates are formed by bacteria and are an essential component of agricultural soil. Organic nitrates are manufactured compounds and, because they generate oxygen when heated, are used in explosives such as nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin.

How to use Nitrate (NO3) in a sentence?

  1. The foolish crook thought he could walk into just about any corner store to buy the nitrate he needed for his dreams of homemade nitroglycerin.
  2. Some industrial complexes will use a nitrate and its important that the workers know how to handle them properly for safety reasons.
  3. Knowing the nitrate levels of a substance will let you know what precautions you need to take when you handle it.

Meaning of Nitrate (NO3) & Nitrate (NO3) Definition