Niche marketing

Niche marketing,

Definition of Niche marketing:

  1. Focus on all marketing efforts for a small, but specific and distinct segment of the population. Niche does not exist, but they are created according to need, want and needs that are not met by other companies are identified and goods or services are manufactured and provided for their service. Strategically, niche marketing aims to be big fish in small tanks, not small fish in big tanks. Also called micromarketing.

  2. Companies that promote and sell products or services in specific market segments.

How to use Niche marketing in a sentence?

  1. If you think you really need your product for a small population then you can try personalized marketing.
  2. With the help of personalized marketing plans, you can target your product to a specific group of people.
  3. My business partners and I practice specialized marketing and focus all our efforts on a small percentage of the population.
  4. Personal marketing can be very profitable.

Meaning of Niche marketing & Niche marketing Definition