Nice Digs Meaning

Nice Digs Meaning

What does it mean when someone says Nice Digs? ? 3

where do u live

Excavation can be related to life or work. Beautiful excavations will compliment any of these places.

Regardless, the excavation dates back to the 1830s and appears to have been used for the first boarding school in England, a place where unmarried young people found rooms and boards.

No one knows for sure, but it's probably from Diggs, which means miners' claims.

Amazing do you know *shrug off* :)

Good use

Dig the pollen

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What does it mean when someone says Nice Digs?

Nice Digs Meaning

Nice Digs Meaning

They usually mean wow I like the way you dig. Are you a construction worker? Or maybe bury someone you accidentally woke up with? I worked in the garden and this girl used that voice to tell me about a good dig ... I knew her ...

Good to use wherever you live. Digs is the name of an army apartment, but where you live it has become commonplace.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Such a thing.

They are usually concerned with where you live, how they like your home. this is awesome.

This is an introduction when you meet a stranger. You tell others that meeting them was a pleasant experience and that you enjoyed meeting them.

Great place to stay. Baby cradle

Nice Digs Meaning