NI Vision Assistant

NI Vision Assistant is a tool used to process testing. It is a tool also used for prototyping and in order to prototype an image processing application, you need to build custom algorithms. Advanced algorithm is developed with the Vision Assistant scripting feature. Tutorials of NI vision assistant describes and shows the software interface and it guides people by setting example of image processing before them. Vision Assistant is a program developed by NI to let it act as a front-end to the bulk of vision VIs through a GUI interface.

Ni Vision Assistant

It is a system of cameras used for image acquisition and I/O operations. NI vision is used as a tool and controller in image processing. It also offers several outcomes which can be used as controllers for vision system. There are unique features of each product that seems suitable to several applications.

1. How do I install NI Vision Assistant?

In order to launch Ni vision assistant, follow these steps;

  • Start the software

  • Select the option of ‘‘All Programs’’

  • Click on '‘National Instruments vision Assistant’

These three steps will lead you to install or launch program easily on your setup device.

:o: How to exit Vision Assistant?

As every function requires to follow some steps. Same is the case when you want to exit the program;

  • Shut the Setup window

  • If necessary, save the open files, script and images

  • Select File and then click Exit option.

In this way, you opened files and documents will be safe in computer.

2. Features of NI Vision Assistant

There are lot of cool features which attract people towards NI programming. Some of the advance features are;

  • Script Window- Maintain steps to record a series of image processing steps and also set the parameters for each of those steps. To analyze a collection of images, you can run scripts on single images or may be in a batch. The option of modification and saving of pics is always there for you.

  • Image Browser- Image browser consists of all the images loaded in Vision Assistant and by double clicking in the Image Browser, you can pick an image for processing.

  • Processing Window- As you change the settings, processing window updates the image. Plus point is that you can continue modifying parameters until you want because this view immediately reflects the changes which have been made by you in window’s setup.

  • Processing Functions Setup Window- There is a list of functions or features you can use to develop advance base algorithms. It also displays parameters which you settled for image processing. Each function has a setup window for the setting of parameters of that function.

  • Reference Window- As you manipulate the image in processing window, reference window displays the image source. It processes image to view source in reference image.

  • Solution Wizard- It shows a list of all related industries. It also presents the tasks perform by those industries. For your selected task, it loads an NI-Vision based solution.

  • Performance Meter- It estimates how long a script will take to load to complete a given task of image.

  • Lab VIEW VI Creation- It works in a way that it creates aa lab view corelate with the algorithm prototyped in Vision Assistant. Lab VIEW forms a new VI that further proceed image processing steps. It processes both current and saved scripts. It performs all tasks on the base of option you selected.

  • C Code Creation- In corresponding to prototype algorithm, it creates a C file in
    NI Vision Assistant. It builds a C function that implements the image processing on the parameters.

  • Builder File- There is a ASCII file which creates Visual Basic Functions. It also helps in setting parameters for algorithm prototyped in NI Vision Assistant.

3. How to get Help in using?

If you have question regarding NI vision assistant, you may need to consult other sources to seek help. There are some sources which provide you specific information vision software and they are following;

:o: Vision Assistant Context Help and Tooltips

In the Context Help Window, whenever you call any image processing function, Vision Assistant displays context help for us. It opens in several tabs when tells us when to open image processing functions. It also tells how to perform any function and gives detail of the controls in Setup Window. To launch the Context Help Window, click on the Context Help Button.

The software also provides tooltips in interface of Vision Assistant. Tooltips describe buttons in the bar and many other features like script window, image browser etc. It happens when you move the cursor over button.

:o: National Instruments Website

It provides information about the software and hardware of NI vision. The national instrument website is referred for accurate information and updates. You can also track information about NI vision features, issues of machines and their solutions.

Vision Graphics

National Instruments helps in selecting appropriate cameras, lenses and other equipment like lighting things. The essential resource for building measurements and automatic systems in the NI Develop Zone which includes latest released programs, versions, tutorials, technical news, system configurators. NI developer also shares the examples of community developers for sharing of new techniques.

:o: Vision Assistant Scripts

The Vision Assistant Script is there for us to install assorted scripts with examples. You can learn a lot about scripting capabilities as you run the program. With the help of software, you can customize scripts for your own application.

Windows 1 Backup

4. Getting Started in Vision Assistant

To get started in Vision Assistant, complete the following steps;

  • Proceed to START> All programs> National Instruments Vision Assistant.

  • In Welcome screen, click Open Image to load image.

  • Steer to the location of Vision Assistant where it is installed.

  • Authorize the checkbox of All Files. Preview Image Window will open as it shows previews and it results in displaying information about the category of file and its depth.

  • Click Open and it will start the features of NI Vision Assistant.

:o: What is Premier Contour of NI vision assistant?

If you are confused about the Premier Contour version of NI vision, there here is a video for you to understand the concept better;

:o: What is Particle Analysis?

Particle Analysis depends upon a series and processes on the operational information about the particles present in the image. As we know, a particles is a neighboring terrain of non-zero pixels. By thresholding the image in background and foreground states, you can extract particles from a greyscale image. All non-zero valued pixels of images are in the foreground and all zero valued pixels are in the background state.

In a binary image, every non-zero pixel is a portion of binary object and each background pixel is zero. You can bring about the particle analysis to detect connected regions and groupings of pixels. You can also make measurements of those regions. With the help of particle analysis, you can examine any two-dimensional shape in an image.

You are able to descry flaws on silicon wafers with the information. You can detect soldering effects on electronic boards. You can also locate objects in motion control application when there is average space in orientation.

:o: Modifying Particles with Morphological Functions

There are two functions of modifying particles; First functions fills the holes in the particles and the second function removes the object that touch the border of image. In need to apply two morphological functions to the image, use the following steps;

  1. In the Binary Tab of the processing Functions palette, click Adv. Morphology.

  2. Insert Fill Holes in the Step Name controlling.

  3. From the list, choose Fill holes.

  4. To add this step to script, click OK.

  5. Repeat the same steps again and Click Remove Border Objects in the Step Name Control.

  6. Select Remove Border and clear any object touching the border of image.

  7. In the last, Click OK to add the image to script.

:crystal_ball: Summary

NI Vision Assistant is a tool used for process testing and prototyping. It is an image processing application which works on algorithms. Scripting feature of vision assistant develops the modern algorithm. Vision Assistant helps people with visual examples set and tutorials of image processing. It is a controller software in the work of image processing. You can install program with few easy and simple steps to start with it.

Image processing Vision

:aries: Frequently Asked Questions

As we know, Vision Assistant is software designed for prototyping but some people are confused about its features and ask questions. Some of them are;

:one: How do I get images in LabVIEW?

In case you are using NI Vision Assistant as alone standing program. Then first and simple step is to go to File. In the second step, Acquire Image and choose the image pedigree and paste it on the program. In this way, you can get images in the LABVIEW easily.

:two: What is Vision Development Module?

Vision Development Module is a program which supply tons of functions for development and deploying machine vision applications. It is also known as VDM and is designed in a way that it uses LABVIEW and C/C++ to evolve machine vision applications. It deploys those applications to Window or NI Lenox vision Hardware.

:three: Which function can be used to acquire images from a camera in LabVIEW?

When you feel the need to acquire images and to communicate with your camera, just use the NI-IMAQ which provides all the functionality that you require. For further image analysis and functionality, go to the Image processing and analyzing section as it works perfectly in sections and steps.

:four: What is vision acquisition?

Vision Acquisition is a software designed to collect images from wide range of cameras for displaying, acquiring and saving images. The software of NI Vision Acquisition is also recognized as VAS works in acquisition of images and interfaces it with GigE Vision, USB3 Vision and Camera Link.

:five: What does NI company do?

NI is the abbreviation of National Instrument Corporation. It is an American multinational company with international corporation. Headquarters are situated in Austin, Texas. The corporation produces automated test equipment’s and instrumentation software’s. It includes some common application like data acquisition, machine vision, instrument control and etc.

:ledger: Conclusion

NI Vision Assistant is a prototyping tool used as testing platform for equipment and help in image processing techniques. Vision Assistant with the corporation of National Instruments and makes I/O operations for image acquisition. This software depends upon modern Algorithm which is build by Scripting features of Vision Assistant.

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