NFC Mortality Rate

NFC Mortality Rate,

What is The Definition of NFC Mortality Rate?

  • The Life Table for Sister Insurers was created in 1898.

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Meanings of NFC:
  1. National Financial Center.

  2. National Football Conference.

  3. With Field Communications, a technology that enables wireless voice communications from cell phones and other low-range electronic devices, such as making payments

Sentences of NFC
  1. Keep your phone with another NFC device to connect


Meanings of Mortality:
  1. The state of being subject to death.

Sentences of Mortality
  1. Work is increasingly disturbed by thoughts of death

  2. Causes of death in newborns and young children

Synonyms of Mortality

transience, ephemerality, impermanency, temporality, dying, impermanence, death, perishability, loss of life


Meanings of Rate:
  1. Set a pattern or value for a particular scale (object).

  2. Think of it as a particular quality, standard or area.

  3. A measure, quantity or frequency that is usually measured in relation to another quantity or unit of measure.

  4. Scolding (someone) in anger

Sentences of Rate
  1. This event was considered a great success.

  2. Promotion price

Synonyms of Rate

judge, amount, appraise, consider to be, price, hire, figure, evaluate, judge to be, compute, outlay, value, adjudge, think to be, fare, cost, estimate, deem to be, weigh up, put a value on, charge, reckon to be, calculate, hold to be, measure