Next in, first out (NIFO)

Next in, first out (NIFO),

Definition of Next in, first out (NIFO):

  1. Inventory valuation method that lists the cost of an item as its replacement value as opposed to its purchased cost. This typically lowers the profit margin; however, during inflationary times, using this method allows a company to price goods ahead of rising producer prices. This method is not considered a generally accepted accounting principle (GAAP).

Meaning of Next in, first out (NIFO) & Next in, first out (NIFO) Definition

Next-In, First-Out (NIFO),

What is The Definition of Next-In, First-Out (NIFO)?

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  • Next in, First Out (NIFO) is an assessment where the price of an item is based on its replacement cost, not its cost.
  • To reflect the right terms and conditions, companies may use NIFO internally when inflation is a factor and the replacement cost exceeds the actual price of the item.
  • NIFO does not conform to generally accepted accounting principles.

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