What is The Definition of Next-generation?

  1. You can define Next-generation as, A term used to describe a product or technology that has been updated or updated so that the latest version is much more advanced than the previous version.

Literal Meanings of Next-generation


Meanings of Next:
  1. (Of a beat) which comes immediately after writing or speaking.

  2. Comes immediately after current, setting, position or place.

  3. At the initial moment or immediately after the present moment.

  4. Next in the given order

  5. The next person or thing.

  6. Next.

  7. Other

Sentences of Next
  1. We will go to Corfu next year.

  2. The woman in the next room

  3. He wonders what will happen next.

  4. Which is the second oldest after Martin.

  5. The coming week

  6. I walk with him.

  7. Sales drop by 10% each year.

Synonyms of Next

subsequently, adjacent, adjoining, bordering, proximate, neighbouring, next-door, closest, nearest, at a later time, after this/that, after that time, upcoming, thereafter, after, afterwards, abutting, following, connecting, then, succeeding, at a subsequent time


Meanings of Generation:
  1. All people are born and live almost simultaneously, seen collectively.

  2. Creation or creation of something.

Sentences of Generation
  1. One of the best musicians of his generation.

  2. How to generate energy

Synonyms of Generation

origination, inception, engendering, cohort, causing, inspiration, kindling, age, age group, causation, occasioning, prompting, making, initiation, production, spawning, triggering, stage of life, creation, peer group