Next-Gen KFC Gaming Console

KFC is one of the leading fast-food chains which deals with fried chicken and other chicken items. American fast-food restaurant chain in Louisville, Kentucky, specialized in fried chicken.KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders. They have more than 22621 outlets across the globe and China is the country that has the most KFC outlets among all countries.KFC generates the total revenue of 23 billion dollars.KFC is always fulfilling the needs of its customers by bringing something great every time.

KFC console

KFC console is a collaboration between KFC and computer hardware manufacturer cooler master. Timely designs this bucket-shaped system, a modder who is known for his computer builds. This system has an Intel Nuc9 extreme compute element and a swappable Asus Graphics card.

KFC console features

The unique feature is the console’s chicken chamber, designed to keep the chicken warm. The system pushes natural heat from its components, upto a chamber meant for storing chicken. This system is VR ready and supports ray tracing. We can call it a mini PC, optimized for the next generation games with an offbeat gimmick.

With Intel’s components, this high-end gaming PC, Asus, Seagate, can run games at 240 frames per second at 4000 resolution, which is more than the PlayStation 5 or Xbox series. This can also run virtual reality games.

This bargain bucket-shaped machine is the World’s first build in the chicken chamber designed to keep its contents hot and ready for consumption during intense gaming sessions.


Now, mothers also don’t need to worry about their kids’ snacks while gaming evenings. All they can do is use is a console, and this will solve their hunger issue quickly.

This is designed is such a way that it can run games at top-level specs and all on top, keeping your meal warm for you to enjoy during the gaming experience. KFC console has been custom built with the gamer at the front of the mind, and the last thing is anyone to go hungry while playing.

Price of the product

KFC has not mentioned anything about the launch and price of the product. Still, it can be estimated that it will be available in the international market within a few months, and the estimated cost of the product would be 2000 dollars. Thus this is a revolution in the World of gaming, and this console is a part of the console war.

Before this, many companies have launched consoles, but KFC has brought this whole new concept unique in gaming.

It solved so many issues of the gamers. Because being a gamer, it’s tough to grab a snack while you are stuck in some war online. And food gets cold after some time, so KFC has solved the problem with this console, and thus people can enjoy their game and get the hot and crispy chicken to get energy.

KFC logo

This is really a unique thing, and now we will get consoles in the market with a KFC logo on them, and thus KFC has proved that they can do anything to make their customers happy. KFC also invited other companies like sony for the idea of this console for their upcoming products.