Definition of Newsgroup:

  1. A forum on the Usenet service for the discussion of a particular topic.

  2. Online discussion group that allows interaction through electronic bulletin board system (see Usenet) and chat (see internal relay chat) sessions. Thousands of internet based newsgroups cover practically every conceivable subject.

How to use Newsgroup in a sentence?

  1. He manages a small computer room in his spare time and likes to help Linux users on the Usenet newsgroups.

Meaning of Newsgroup & Newsgroup Definition


A discussion forum that exists on the Internet to discuss a specific topic. Messages are posted in a newsgroup and distributed to the group's subscribers, often by email. Chat groups have generally been replaced by other forms of online communication, such as social media.

Newsgroups are discussion forums that exist on the Internet to facilitate discussion about a topic. They usually contain news discussions and group members can participate in these discussions.