Newborn Baby Birth List : What Things Can Help You?

The birth list with the necessary things for a baby. The arrival of a baby, not only comes with great responsibilities and challenges but also many expenses. Especially when it comes to first-time parents who want to give the best to their little one and often make the mistake of buying more things than they need. However, while it is true that you will need to buy many items for your baby, you can also save, especially if you plan your purchases and stick to the list you have created.

Make an online list of gifts for your baby.

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everything you should have prepared to receive your baby

We propose a detailed list with all the items you will need to face the baby’s birth. In this way, you can go searching in stores early and find the best deals, without compromising the safety or comfort of your little one.

One of the most important things thinks about the cool names for your little kid. Let’s start the important stuff list from here.

1. To take to the hospital

  • Disposable or cloth diapers for newborns
  • Wet wipes to always keep your baby clean
  • Cotton bibs for first feedings
  • Newborn socks
  • Cotton bodysuits
  • Cotton or wool blanket, depending on the season
  • Cap or hat, depending on the season

Set to go out with the baby from the hospital, the ideal is that it is an article of clothing closed in the front and open at the back, like a romper

Group 0 car seat, duly padded and complying with all safety measures

2. For the baby’s room

  • Cradle
  • Mattress for the crib, which is not too soft to prevent the risk of drowning
  • Moses with his mattress, although if you already have a crib it is not essential, it is very comfortable when you want to have the baby near you
  • Portable crib or baby carrier to carry the baby more comfortably
  • Changing table or furniture, as it is not only more comfortable but also safer
  • Diaper holder and furniture to place the baby’s clothes and always have them at hand
  • Vaporizer-humidifier to maintain the perfect humidity in the room
  • A mobile to hang above the crib, which is not a simple ornament but serves to stimulate the baby from the first days of birth
  • Trash to throw away used diapers and wipes

3. Safety equipment for your baby

  • Chichonera to avoid hitting the head on the edges of the crib
  • Video and sound intercom to always keep an eye on the baby and know when she cries
  • Breathing sensor for the newborn, an accessory that is not essential but will alert you in case the baby stops breathing, which can reduce the risk of sudden infant death
  • Night lamp with indirect light, particularly useful for night shots

4. Bed and bath clothes for the baby

  • Mattress protector
  • Sets of sheets for the crib
  • Sets of sheets for the stroller or the cuckoo
  • Virgin wool blankets for winter
  • Cotton blankets for summer
  • Thread blankets for the hottest days
  • Set of protector and quilt for the crib
  • Newborn pillow and cushions
  • Pillowcases
  • Hooded towels for when the bath is over
  • Towels without a hood to dry the baby

5. Clothes for all occasions

  • Hats or hats made of wool for winter and cotton for summer
  • Bodysuits to sleep and be at home
  • Sets to go out of wool for winter and cotton for summer
  • Little shoes and socks
  • Wool gloves for winter
  • Rompers to be at home or take short walks
  • Sachets for the coldest days
  • Outfit sets