% New Visits

% New Visits

The percentage of visits that were first visits (from people who had never visited your site before).

Literal Meanings of % New Visits


Meanings of New:
  1. Of recent origin, of recent appearance.

  2. New (especially in composition).

Sentences of New
  1. My has a baby and our mother is very happy that she has finally had a grandson.

  2. Don't worry that you are new to this job, you will get better with time. I am new in this company.

Synonyms of New



Meanings of Visits:
  1. A visit.

  2. Meeting with a doctor at his office or with doctors at his home.

  3. They usually go to (the needy, the sick, etc.) to comfort him. (Now generally merged with later sentiments, below.).

  4. To meet (a person) in an act of communication or communication.

  5. From God: appearing to comfort, bless, punish, or punish (someone). (Now generally merged with later sentiments, below.).

  6. Punish (someone or something) insult.

  7. Sickness, misfortune, etc.: torment (someone).

  8. Punishment, revenge for (misconduct) towards or against someone.

  9. Go to worship (shrine, temple, etc.). (Now generally merged with later sentiments, below.).

  10. Go (to a place) for pleasure, to run an errand, etc.

% New Visits