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New Issue,

New Issue: What is the Meaning of New Issue?

  • The new issue is from the initial offer of shares or bonds. Most of the new troubles come from private companies that trade publicly and give investors new opportunities.

    • New transactions, whether stocks or bonds, are a way for the company to raise capital.
    • Often, new shares are issued as part of an initial public offering (IPO), which means investors can buy shares in an unlisted company for the first time.
    • Bonds, securities bonds and convertible bonds can also be issued as new issues to increase the company's debt.
    • The issuance of new bonds is considered as a form of debt financing, while equity and IPOs are considered as a form of equity financing.
    • Investors should be aware of the hype surrounding a new title, such as an IPO, as it could go one way or the other.
    • A pre-registered company may be reissued with a second offer.

  • You can define New Issue as, For the first time, stocks or bonds are offered to the public on a stock exchange.

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Meanings of New:
  1. recently.

  2. It did not exist recently or is now being created, introduced or invented for the first time.

  3. Already existed but seen, tried or obtained recently or now for the first time.

  4. Start or restart and think it's better than what happened before.

Sentences of New
  1. Fresh grass

  2. New types of plants

  3. New motorcycle

  4. Starting a new life

Synonyms of New

current, recent, advanced, latest, contemporary, up to date, present-day, state-of-the-art, newly discovered, recently developed, brand new, modern, up to the minute


Meanings of Issue:
  1. Provide or distribute (some)

  2. An important topic or topic for discussion.

  3. The act of providing or distributing goods for government use, sale or purposes.

  4. The act of sinking or breaking.

  5. Baby for yourself

Sentences of Issue
  1. Exotic scent from the neighboring building

  2. The chances of such a program succeeding are slim.

  3. The heart of the matter

  4. He died without a child

Synonyms of Issue

theme, supply, progeny, descendants, gush out, emanate, jet, fit up, children, emerge, discharge, proceed, accoutre, outflowing, arm, torrent, come, net result, come out, seep out, provide, ooze out, issuing, effect, ooze, outfit, concern, conclusion, outflow, upshot