New Hot Water Heater Brown Water

New Hot Water Heater Brown Water

Why does water come out of a new water heater? 3

I installed a new Kenmore water heater in my home this morning. Because the water that comes out is a brother. I took a shower this afternoon and saw that the bottom of the tub was dirty.

How can I clarify this? Did I turn on the water and let it run until it was clean or was it because of the dirt in the water heater? Do I have a broken kettle? We're not waking up the lines, we're just cutting something, adding a new fixture and then moving them in place.

I have a newborn and I need to wash the bottle and I am very worried about this problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As long as you turn off the water supply for use, sometimes you get water when you turn it on again. It's just sediment from the water system. Let the water run until it is clear and it will be fine.

The answer to lubricating your water heater is nonsense.

Brother is rusty. Once the pipe is galvanized, it takes time. Replacing galvanized pipe is the only safe way. Replacing the radiator causes the pipes to rust. If you have copper, remove it from a water source (well or wells in your city).

He uses a little lubricant to do it, let it run a little and it will be fine ...

This will take some time.

New Hot Water Heater Brown Water