New Federalism

New Federalism,

Definition of New Federalism:

  1. Plan implemented under the Nixon administration that transferred some powers previously held by the federal government back to the state level. Under Franklin Roosevelts New Deal some powers were removed from the state level, so the states regain some of its authority. New Federalism typically involves the Federal government providing block grants to the states to resolve a social issue.

  2. Any recent or different approach to federalism; specifically a policy proposing the devolution of power and responsibility from the central government of a federation to its individual components.

How to use New Federalism in a sentence?

  1. After the new federalism there were new people in charge of some things and some smart people were able to take advantage.
  2. I learned about new federalism in social studies class and learned how it was brought into the public awareness by Nixon.
  3. The new federalism engaged in enabled a decentralization of power which pleased all of the parties involved in being responsible.

Meaning of New Federalism & New Federalism Definition