New Economy

New Economy,

What Does New Economy Mean?

The new economy is a slogan used to describe new high-growth sectors that are at the forefront of technology and are seen as the engine of economic growth and productivity. The economy first began in the late 1990s, when technological devices, particularly the Internet and increasingly powerful computers, entered the consumer and business markets. The new economy was seen as a transformation from an economy based on production and raw materials to an economy that could not achieve the traditional industrial economies that used technology to create new products and services at that level.

  • The new economy is a grip used by technology companies in the 1990s to increase the promise of new ways of doing business and making a living.
  • As it was discovered, there is a new economy and more and more people are using technology in their daily lives.
  • Leading companies in the new economy are becoming more important than most traditional manufacturing companies, which they will change in terms of importance.
  • Recently, the term new economy has also been used to refer to a review of capitalism in terms of environmental and social purposes.

Literal Meanings of New Economy


Meanings of New:
  1. It did not exist until it was first created, introduced, or discovered.

  2. Was there, but recently or now for the first time seen, tried or obtained.

  3. I start or resume and feel better than before.

  4. recently.

Sentences of New
  1. New types of plants

  2. Your new bike

  3. Starting a new life

  4. New straws

Synonyms of New

recently developed, newly discovered, brand new, up to the minute, up to date, latest, current, state-of-the-art, contemporary, present-day, advanced, recent, modern


Meanings of Economy:
  1. The wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of production and consumption of goods and services.

  2. Careful management of available resources.

  3. (Products) offer the best price / performance ratio.

Sentences of Economy
  1. The global economic slowdown has weakened demand for Japanese high-tech exports and signaled a decline in production.

  2. Uniform heat distribution and fuel consumption

Synonyms of Economy

wealth, resources, financial resources, thrift, providence, prudence, thriftiness, canniness, carefulness, care, good management, good husbandry, careful budgeting, economizing, saving, scrimping and saving, scrimping, restraint, frugality, fuel-saving, abstemiousness