Never Been Better Meaning

Never Been Better Meaning

Which means: It never gets better, it gets better? 3

Is that a sentence? I always see it in movies when someone asks what you do and sometimes the answer comes to my mind.

What does it mean to test the rain? Under what circumstances can we use the word? Is it a formal word or a colloquial?

And finally: who cares?

This is the famous answer Who are you? If it tastes good, it will never taste good or it will never taste good, that would be a great answer. Similarly, if you do not feel well, you will respond that you feel better.

I will use a rain controller for the weather. If you are planning a picnic, try to predict the weather. Or take a rain test to see if it's the right day.

It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter more or less often, less means that no one is interested in the desired results.

I've never been better: do better now.

That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Predictive Bonus: Predictive testing is offered when supply is temporarily low (for example, a grocery store runs out of chicken for sale). Upon receipt of the notification, the item you have ordered can be purchased from the offer actually listed upon receipt of the order. American baseball fans know the term because it was the first: if a game falls in the rain, they have tickets to the game and receive a gift card that they can redeem during the game. The second game. It is more of a language than a colloquial or formal term.

I don't care: no matter what, another way of saying, I don't care.

You've never been better = broader, you've never been better than today ... blah.

Better = maybe today you are not as good as you are ...

raincheck = used when an item can be sold in the store ... they are out and when it is refilled you can write a rain check to buy the item. The situation could be: No, I can't go to the football game with you, I'll give you the order form! That means he goes to the game later ...

It's not formal ... it's just a saying.

I don't care, it usually means that someone cares about anything ... whatever the subject.

Excerpt: You see a coin on the ground, ask your friend if he wants it [after you take it ...] and he says no, I don't care. That means it doesn't matter. Good?

Never Been Better Meaning