Neutral Definition:

Neutral definition is: The position taken in a market is neutrally defined which is neither fast nor fishy. In other words, it is not sensitive to the direction of market prices. When investors have a neutral opinion, which means that the security or index will not go up or down in the near future, investors can pursue options strategies that are profitable even when there is no price movement. Can be forgiving

  • Neutral defines a market position that is free from price fluctuations and therefore neither fast nor slow.
  • Neutral markets can be exploited along the way or trend with a neutral trading strategy.
  • The use of derivative instruments such as delta neutral option positions can result in a neutral portfolio.

Meanings of Neutral

  1. Neutrality or neutral condition or person.

  2. Neutral colors or shades, especially light gray or gray.

  3. Highlighted gear position separated from the motor.

  4. Neutral power point, clamp, conductor or wire.

  5. Do not impartially support or assist any party in any dispute, dispute, etc.

  6. It does not have strong or positive features.

  7. Acids and basic pH 7.

  8. Electricity is neither positive nor negative.

Sentences of Neutral

  1. Sweden and its neutral partners

  2. Classic navy, blue, white and neutral

  3. He neutralized his speed

  4. Some boxes have two busbars, one for ground wire and one for neutral wire.

  5. Portugal was neutral during World War II

  6. Neutral accent

  7. Neutral solution

  8. Direct and neutral contact in the socket

Synonyms of Neutral

disinterested , easy , inert , unprejudiced, unaligned , dispassionate, detached , nonparticipating , bystanding , cool , unprejudiced , unexceptionable, nonchalant , non-discriminatory, removed, unremarkable, equitable, uncommitted , commonplace, indifferent , on sidelines , unbiased, dispassionate

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What is Neutral?

  • Neutral describes a position in a market that is neither bullish nor bearish. In other words, it is not sensitive to the direction of the market, i.e. when investors have a neutral opinion, i. H. believes that bonds or indexes will not go up or down anytime soon, investors can adopt a strategy of options that can take advantage of the lack of mobility in basic security. .

    • Neutral describes a market position that is hostile to electronic mobility and therefore neither bullish nor bearish.
    • The secondary market or any neutral trend can be taken advantage of by a neutral trading strategy.
    • The use of divisive instruments, such as a delta neutral option position, can result in a neutral portfolio.

Meanings of Neutral

  1. Not endorsing or endorsing any dispute, dispute, etc. to either party. neutral

  2. They do not have very prominent or positive traits or characteristics.

  3. Neither acidic nor basic with pH around 7.

  4. No electric charge, either positive or negative.

  5. Neutral or neutral state or person

  6. Light gray, beige or cream.

  7. Disconnected gear position, where the motor separates from the moving part.

  8. Electrically neutral points, joints, conductors or wires.

Sentences of Neutral

  1. Neutral and non-aligned European countries

  2. It made its speed neutral.

Synonyms of Neutral

inoffensive, non-allied, unobjectionable, anodyne, bland, non-interventionist, unallied, impersonal, fair-minded, non-aligned, fair, non-partisan, ordinary, safe, everyday, impartial, anti-war, uninvolved, even-handed, innocuous, clinical, open-minded, unemotional, objective, non-combative, harmless, run-of-the-mill


What is Neutral?

  1. The definition of Neutral is: Describes the position taken in the neutral market which is neither bullish nor bearish. In other words, it is not sensitive to the direction of the market, that is, if an investor has an unbiased opinion and believes that no securities or index will rise or fall in the short term, then he has the option. Can adopt a strategy that can take advantage of its shortcomings. Basic title movement.

    • Neutral e-movies have an agnostic position and are therefore neither optimistic nor bearish.
    • Secondary markets or other neutral trends can be exploited with a neutral trading strategy.
    • The use of derivative instruments such as Delta Neutral Option positions can result in a neutral portfolio.

Meanings of Neutral

  1. Do not support or endorse any party in a dispute, dispute, etc. neutral

  2. They do not have very prominent or positive features or characteristics.

  3. With a pH around 7, neither acidic nor basic.

  4. The position of the gear is highlighted, where the motor is separated from the moving part.

  5. Electrically neutral points, connectors, conductors or cables.

Sentences of Neutral

  1. It changed its speed to neutral.

Synonyms of Neutral

unaffiliated, non-fighting, without favouritism, non-combatant, non-participating, non-belligerent