How To Define Neutering?

When a dog or cat is neutered, surgery is performed to prevent the animal from being reborn. Castration is a term used to describe castration in male animals and castration is a term used to describe castration in female animals.

Meanings of Neutering

  1. Usually masculine and feminine or, in contrast to the common, in many languages, the gender of a noun or its identification.

  2. With (animal) genitals or developing.

  3. Neutral word

  4. A sterile species of social insects, especially worker bees or ants.

  5. Neutering or Spy (Pets)

  6. Make it ineffective.

Sentences of Neutering

  1. Spirit is a neutral word in Greek

  2. Keynes A Troué has compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of marriage, which Darwin has written 29 Answer: "

  3. It will explain why one would decide what is done to eliminate polygamy without understanding that it only applies to masculine, neutral nouns.

  4. It is just as rational and philosophical for us to understand that the queen bee can be neutral.

  5. All pit bulls must be registered

  6. Disarmament negotiations that neutralize your military power

Synonyms of Neutering

cut, emasculate, castrate, geld