Definition of Network:

  1. Communication: A system that allows users of telephone lines or data communications to connect via a system of routers, servers, switches, etc., to exchange information over long distances.

  2. Connect or use network.

  3. Communicate with others to share information and make professional or social contacts.

  4. A group or system of people or things that are connected to each other.

  5. Computer: A group of computers and interconnected peripherals (wired and / or wireless) that can distribute software and hardware resources to multiple users. The Internet is a global network. See also local network and wide area network.

  6. Arranging the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines.

Synonyms of Network

Wickerwork, Weft, Webwork, Organization, Complex arrangement, Basketry, Wattle, Screening, Grate, Reticulation, Weave, Tangle, Hatching, Trellis, Web, Screen, Plexus, Lattice, Filigree, Reticulum, Lacework, Mesh, System, Mesh, Netting, Lace, Sieve, Complex, Cancellation, Meshwork, Arrangement, Fretwork, Intertexture, Raddle, Lattice, Grid, Web, Lacing, Riddle, Basketwork, Maze, Hookup, Grid, Fret, Complex system, System, Grille, Interlacement, Latticework, Crossing-out, Tracery, Structure, Hachure, Reticle, Matrix, Trelliswork, Weaving, Net, Web, Texture, Cross-hatching, Intertwinement, Reticule, Trellis, Complex, Coast-to-coast hookup, Grillwork, Circuit, Criss-cross, Gridiron, Interconnected system, Tracery, Webbing, Jungle, Tissue, Meshes, Wicker, Nexus, Radio links, Lacery, Webbing, Interconnected structure, Plexure, Grating, Labyrinth, Arabesque, Net

How to use Network in a sentence?

  1. Trade network
  2. The human body has a vast network of nerves that are connected so that the human body can function properly.
  3. The spider forms a complex web of different types of threads.
  4. The people in the party are trying to build a network, no one knows each other, but everyone is trying to expand their brand.
  5. Protocols for different network devices must conform to one of these standards. Computer, telephone, etc. connectivity provides the basis on which a user can request data from another user.

Meaning of Network & Network Definition

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Definition of Network:

An organization that negotiates discount rates with medical providers and then transfers a portion of the discount to the insurer or employer who pays for the services provided to those who provide the network through Access. Some networks set practice standards above cost.

Network definition is: The network package is a different version of the PPO package. Along with the membership fee, you should seek medical treatment from a doctor or hospital within the insurance association if you want to settle your claim at a higher level. It may not be necessary for any GP to coordinate your care because you will be an HMO, but it is up to you to be in the healthcare professional network. Services provided by providers outside the network may not be covered or may be underpaid.

All physicians, specialists, hospitals and other service providers who have agreed to treat HMO members under an agreement with HMO. Insurance contracts with preferential services also use the network.

Meanings of Network

  1. Log in or use the network.

  2. Communicate with others to share information and promote professional or social connections.

  3. Connecting horizontal and vertical lines.

  4. A group of people or a system or interrelated things.

Sentences of Network

  1. The spider forms a complex network of different types of threads.


How Do You Define Network?

A company that negotiates discounted rates with healthcare providers and then pays a portion of the discount to the insurance or employer who pays for the services provided to the service provider on the network Is. In addition to costs, some networks set practice standards.

Network refers to The network package is a type of PPO package. In addition to the membership fee, if you want to settle your claim at a higher level, you will need to seek medical attention from a doctor or other member of the insurance association. It may not be necessary to coordinate your care with a single GP like an HMO, but it is up to you to make sure that the health professional you see is part of the network. ۔ Services provided by providers outside the network may not be covered or underpaid.

Meanings of Network

  1. Arrangements for cutting horizontal and vertical lines

  2. A group or system of people or related things.

  3. Connected or working on a network.

  4. Communicate with others to share information and establish professional or social relationships.

Sentences of Network

  1. The company has a network of 326 branches.

  2. The channels are less connected to each other than the railways.

  3. Networking is very important when starting a new business.

Synonyms of Network

grapevine, bush telegraph, rete, openwork, complex system/arrangement, réseau, graticule, the old school tie, neural net, old boy network


Network Meanings:

  • Network definition is: A company that negotiates discounted rates with healthcare providers and then pays the insurer or employer a portion of the discount to be provided to those who have access to the service provider on the network. Pays for services. In addition to costs, some networks set standards of practice.

  • Network package is a kind of PPO package. In addition to the membership fee, if you want to settle your claim at the highest level, you must seek medical care from a doctor or another member of the insurance association. It may not be necessary to coordinate your care through a single GP, such as with an HMO, but it is up to you to make sure the health professional you see is part of the network. Services provided by providers outside the network may not be covered or underpaid.

  • You can define Network as, All physicians, specialists, ALs and other service providers are committed to providing medical care to the insured as per the agreement with the HMO or the insurer.

Meanings of Network

  1. Arranging horizontal and vertical lines.

  2. A group of people or systems or interrelated things.

  3. Connected or working on the network.

  4. Communicate with others to exchange information and make professional or social contacts.