Network Provider

Network Provider,

What is The Meaning of Network Provider?

Healthcare providers who have contractual relationships with health insurance companies. In relation to this agreement, the fees allowed for other services, quality of care, clinical protocol and certain services may be determined. In exchange for this type of relationship with insurance companies, healthcare providers usually increase the number of patients and general practitioners may receive a one-time payment for each patient's care.

Literal Meanings of Network Provider


Meanings of Network:
  1. Arranging the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines.

  2. A group or system of people or things that are connected to each other.

  3. Connect or use a network.

  4. Communicate with others to share information and make professional or social contacts.

Sentences of Network
  1. The spider forms a complex web of different types of threads

  2. Trade network

Synonyms of Network

mesh, lattice, webbing, trellis, interconnected structure, complex arrangement, complex, web, system, tracery, matrix, net, grid, interconnected system, nexus, complex system, criss-cross


Meanings of Provider:
  1. Someone or something that offers.

Sentences of Provider
  1. Leading personal finance service providers

Synonyms of Provider

giver, source, mainstay, contributor, donor, supplier