Network Effect

Network Effect,

Network Effect: What is the Meaning of Network Effect?

  • Network Effect can be defined as, The impact of a network is a manifestation in which a large number of people or participants add value to a good or service. An example of the impact of the Internet network. Initially, there were very few users on the Internet because it had no significance outside the military and some outside researchers.

    • Network impact is a trend in which a large number of people or participants add value to good or services.
    • E-commerce sites such as ETC and eBay are enjoying increasing popularity with access to online networks and attracting customers to their products.
    • Even with access to online and offline networks, some organizations are unable to reach this mass, the number of users required for the effects of this network.
    • Congestion is a negative effect of a network in which many users can slow down the network, reduce its usefulness and frustrate network members.

Literal Meanings of Network Effect


Meanings of Network:
  1. Arranging the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines.

  2. A group of people or related systems or related things.

  3. Connect or use a network.

  4. Communicate with others to share information and make professional or social contacts.

Sentences of Network
  1. The spider forms a complex web of different types of threads

  2. Trade network

Synonyms of Network

trellis, interconnected system, complex system, criss-cross, net, webbing, matrix, nexus, web, complex, system, tracery, lattice, grid, interconnected structure, mesh, complex arrangement


Meanings of Effect:
  1. A change that is the result or consequence of an action or other cause.

  2. A stage used in a light, sound or game, movie or program.

  3. Personal issues

  4. Because (something) is about to happen.

Sentences of Effect
  1. The deadly effects of severe drugs

  2. Production relies heavily on amazing effects

  3. Insurance includes personal items

  4. Nature is always healing

Synonyms of Effect

fulfil, do, have an impact on, affect, strike, carry out, interact with, worldly goods, engineer, attack, personal possessions, possessions, attain, condition, manage, personal effects, appurtenances, discharge, finish, impact on