Definition of Netbook:

  1. A small laptop computer designed primarily for accessing internet-based applications.

  2. A small laptop, used primarily for email and Internet access. Netbooks are generally cheaper than a regular laptop, and much lighter, generally weighing only two to three pounds. Netbooks started to gain in popularity in 2007, and there is some concern among computer manufacturers about how quickly netbooks may be able to gain market share on traditional laptops.

How to use Netbook in a sentence?

  1. Since my laptop is so large, I decided to start shopping for a netbook to use in my new college classes.
  2. My overall impression of the move is derived from the recent discussions of the netbook.
  3. He uses his netbook on long trips because it is smaller than his regular computer, and still allows him to check his emails.
  4. The student didnt want to carry around his heavy laptop to every class to take notes thats why he got a netbook it was lightweight enough that it wasnt a chore to carry it around campus anymore.

Meaning of Netbook & Netbook Definition