Net Risk (risk Limitation)

Net Risk (risk Limitation),

What is Net Risk (risk Limitation)?

Meaning of Net Risk (risk Limitation): After the purchase of insurance, the insurance limit of each claim is maintained by the insurance company.

Definition of Net Risk (risk Limitation): The limit of insurance per claim will be after the prisoner has re-insured.

Literal Meanings of Net Risk (risk Limitation)


Meanings of Net:
  1. A piece of loose netting made of rope, rope, rope or the like is commonly used to catch fish or other animals.

  2. This structure is made up of nets in the frame that make goals in sports such as football and hockey.

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  9. Remained after deductions (quantity, price or price) such as tax or rebate.

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Sentences of Net
  1. Fishermen repair their nets

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  6. Damage to fishing

Synonyms of Net

mesh, latticework, bring in, make a profit of, obtain, pocket, fishnet, be paid, snare, take-home, tulle, netting, end, accumulate, concluding, closing, take home, make, gain, get, webbing


Meanings of Risk:
  1. To expose someone who has been harmed, harmed or harmed.

Synonyms of Risk

prospect, jeopardize, possibility, probability, put in danger, menace, chance, bet, gamble with, take a chance with, gamble, venture, hazard, endanger, put in jeopardy, peril, put on the line, imperil, threat, likelihood, expose to danger, wager, danger, fear, put at risk


Meanings of Limitation:
  1. Limiting rules or conditions are limitations.

  2. Legally set period after which the development may be canceled or the property ceases to exist.

Sentences of Limitation
  1. Restriction on water consumption

  2. This is an exception, as the basic period of limitation continues until the court issues a decision.

Synonyms of Limitation

clampdown, constraint, restriction, restraint, check, control, curb