Net Receivables

Net Receivables,

What is The Definition of Net Receivables?

Recipient net accounts are the total amount owed by a company to its customers, minus the amount owed that may never be paid. Receivable net accounts are often expressed as a percentage, with a higher percentage indicating that the company is more capable of billing customers. For example, if a company assumes that 2% of its sales are never paid, then 98 accounts receivable (AR ٪ 2) are received (AR).

  • The company's net receivables are the total amount of eligible customers that the company assumes it will never pay.
  • Companies use net receipts to measure the effectiveness of their recovery process and estimate the expected cash flow.
  • Debt Loan Allowance is an estimate of the value of a company's claims that are expected to be written off as debt loss.
  • Businesses can increase their net receipts by limiting their loans to consumers and implementing an efficient collection process.

Literal Meanings of Net Receivables


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Meanings of Receivables:
  1. Accessible.

  2. The amount owed to the company is considered an asset.

Sentences of Receivables
  1. Part of the agreement states that in order to maintain full trust in the partnership, both partners must perform all duties honestly and fairly on a monthly basis.

  2. Lenders first exclude assets that are not eligible, such as: B loans that have passed more than 90 days.

Synonyms of Receivables

to be paid, outstanding, owed, receivable, undischarged, unsettled, due, in the red, unresolved, unattended to, in arrears, payable, overdue, owing