Net Premiums

Net Premiums,

Definition of Net Premiums:

  • The term is used in a variety of ways, including a variety of insurance premiums or commission payable, brokerage fees, taxes, or a combination of these.

Literal Meanings of Net Premiums


Meanings of Net:
  1. A piece of loose netting made of rope, rope, rope or the like is commonly used to catch fish or other animals.

  2. This structure is made up of nets in the frame that make goals in sports such as football and hockey.

  3. An excellent weave that is open.

  4. A way to catch someone.

  5. Internet.

  6. Catch or land (fish or other animal).

  7. Kicking (in sports) or kicking (ball or puck) on goal

  8. Cover it with gauze.

Sentences of Net
  1. Fishermen repair their nets

  2. Turns Wilson's cross into a goal

  3. Clean the curtains

  4. The search was suspended so that the killers could escape from the Internet

  5. Ensuring privacy on the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult

  6. Damage to fishing

  7. Wright scored 177 goals in six years

Synonyms of Net

openwork, make, clear, mesh, webbing, meshwork, earn, pull in, obtain, end, make a profit of, netting, concluding, ultimate, take home, realize, lace, lattice, after deductions, acquire, after taxes, accumulate, closing, be paid, gain


Meanings of Premiums:
  1. Amount to be paid under insurance contract.

  2. Something that is given as a gift, gift or incentive.

Sentences of Premiums
  1. If the calculations are correct, the income of a pensionable worker includes the premiums that must be paid to the insurance company in addition to his salary to get equal rights.

Synonyms of Premiums

additional fee, insurance charge, reward, perk, surcharge, percentage, bonus, recompense, extra, instalment, prize, additional payment, extra charge, remuneration, extra amount, insurance payment, regular payment