Net Margin

Net Margin,

Net Margin means,

Net Margin definition is: Also known as profit margin, it is the amount of revenue remaining after a certain period of time.

Literal Meanings of Net Margin


Meanings of Net:
  1. Catch or land with a net (fish or other animal).

  2. (In sports) kicking or kicking (ball or puck) net (goal)

  3. Cover with net.

  4. A piece of open mesh material made of wire, rope ope, rope, or similar, often used to catch fish or other animals.

  5. This structure is supported by a frame that is intended for sports such as football and hockey.

  6. Smooth fabric with smooth fabric.

  7. A way to trap someone.

  8. Internet.

Sentences of Net
  1. Damage during net fishing

  2. Wright scored 177 goals in six years

  3. Fishermen are fixing their nets

  4. Turn Wilson's wings into a net

  5. The search has been postponed so that the killers can escape from the net.

  6. Ensuring privacy on the web is becoming increasingly difficult.

  7. It sold its 20 stakeholders and made huge profits in the process.

Synonyms of Net

lattice, pull in, be paid, booby trap, tulle, ultimate, clear, obtain, end, closing, final, realize, take home, webbing, after deductions, earn, trap, latticework, make a profit of, get, bring in, pocket, netting, lacework, meshwork, snare, openwork, take-home


Meanings of Margin:
  1. Set boundaries or boundaries.

  2. Submit some money to the broker (for account or transaction))

  3. The edge or edge of something.

  4. The amount for which something or less is obtained.

Sentences of Margin
  1. The leaves are described in yellow

  2. New contracts include revenues from existing contracts

  3. East coast of the Indian Ocean

  4. Convinced to win with a lead of 17 points

Synonyms of Margin

fringe, rim, amount, extremity, side, gap, brink, edge, perimeter, limits, degree of difference, bank, border, periphery, bound, boundary, brim, verge, difference, measure of difference, majority