Net line

Net line,

Definition of Net line:

  1. In reinsurance, this term refers to the amount of insurance retained by the original insurer on a particular risk in a surplus treaty. This term can also be used to refer to the maximum amount of loss an insurer will be exposed to unless they seek reinsurance.

Meaning of Net line & Net line Definition

Net Line,

How Do You Define Net Line?

The amount of coverage the company has maintained for specific risks since the insurance deduction.

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Meanings of Net:
  1. Catch or land with a net (fish or other animal).

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  9. Earn or receive as net income (a cash amount).

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Sentences of Net
  1. Damage from fish fats

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Synonyms of Net

acquire, make, mesh, booby trap, make a profit of, bring in, concluding, be paid, final, end, lattice, pocket, take home, snare, openwork, gain, trap, webbing, tulle, take-home, accumulate, realize, lacework


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