Net Leverage

Net Leverage,

What is The Definition of Net Leverage?

Meaning of Net Leverage: Net debt ratio is a ratio that reflects the value of the written premium, the insurer's surplus and the insurer's liabilities. This does not apply to premiums transferred to the insurance company. This is an indication of the insurer's financial health.

The net premium value of the listed company for deducting the insured and the net liability for deducting the insured. This index presents a combination of price errors in the company's current portfolio and errors in estimating net liabilities after insurance in respect of insurers' surplus.

Literal Meanings of Net Leverage


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  9. (Quantity, price or value) is left after deductions, such as taxes or rebates.

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Synonyms of Net

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Meanings of Leverage:
  1. The application of force by a force or by something used by a lever.

  2. Mechanical advantage using leverage effect.

  3. The power to influence a person or situation to achieve a particular outcome.

  4. The relationship between the company's credit capital (debt) and the value of its joint stock (equity capital)

  5. Use credit or foreign capital to increase the possible return on equity.

  6. Use the borrower's capital for (investment) and expect the income to exceed the interest payable.

  7. Use as much as (something).

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  1. This is a flexible or efficient use of balance, accuracy and mobility in judo and other skills.

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Synonyms of Leverage

grasp, say, dominance, standing, control, power, prestige, purchase, sway, weight, edge, authority, pressure, rank, advantage, ascendancy, hold