Net Leas

Net Leas,

Net Leas:

  • Meaning of Net Leas: In addition to paying rent, TENANT bears all material costs such as taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Literal Meanings of Net Leas


Meanings of Net:
  1. A piece of wire, rope, rope or open mesh made of it that is used to catch fish or other animals.

  2. An open piece of mesh material that carries through a frame at the end of the handle is often used to catch fish, other aquatic animals or insects.

  3. The structure is built on a frame that serves sports such as football and hockey.

  4. A piece of open mesh material that is tied between two poles to divide the playing area into several sports, such as tennis, badminton and volleyball.

  5. A safety net.

  6. Very revealing fabric with smooth fabric.

  7. A way to trap someone.

  8. A system or process of selecting or recruiting someone.

  9. Internet.

  10. A communication network or broadcast.

  11. Integrated computer network.

  12. Fish or land (fish or other animal) with a net.

  13. Pure fishing in (the river)

  14. Earn or receive as a network.

  15. (In sports) kicking or kicking (ball or puck) net (goal)

  16. Cover with net.

Sentences of Net
  1. He fished with a golden net tied with a rope made of purple and red thread.

  2. Good fishermen make their nets with whale thread and needle.

  3. The guide asks students to help collect soil and water samples and use nets to catch fish and other marine life.

  4. He uses this material as a net.

  5. Once these animals rot, the fishing nets can rise to the surface and the ghost fishing can resume.

  6. Some fabrics come with fishing nets or paper fish, others with large wings or robotic pieces.

  7. Materials used are bamboo, fishing nets, garden nets, glue, canvas, clothing line and spray paint.

  8. The fishermen got up and pulled out the net in which the fish were hanging.

  9. But he naturally fought like an animal under a net and a blind fight threw him into the field.

  10. Deep sea creatures, other than giant squid, can be seen in fishing nets without being filmed in their natural environment.

  11. Although I have spent most of my life in the Selby area, I have never seen so many fishermen pull shellfish, fish and tuna nets out of the dirty waters of the Aws River.

  12. Small boats depart before dawn, usually in rough waves, to lift nets, remove trapped animals, and repair damage to nets.

Synonyms of Net

lattice, ■■■■■ trap, bring in, land, pocket, tulle, lace, take captive, capture, clear, final, pull in, get, closing, mesh, latticework, gain, ultimate, openwork, make, take-home, ensnare, meshwork, webbing, be paid, make a profit of