Net International Investment Position (NIIP)

Net International Investment Position (NIIP),

How To Define Net International Investment Position (NIIP)?

Net foreign investment position (PIIN) can be considered as the balance of a country with the rest of the world at any time, as it assesses the difference between the reserves of foreign assets in a country and the reserves of foreign assets in it. happens. Country. . Parents

  • The net foreign investment position (PIIN) can be considered as the balance of a country with the rest of the world at any time, as it measures the difference between the reserves of foreign assets in a country and the reserves of foreign assets in it. ۔ Country. . Parents
  • PIIN is an important barometer of a country's financial situation and solvency.
  • Countries with a positive PIIN are creditors, while countries with a negative PIIN are indebted.

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