Net Income After Taxes (NIAT)

Net Income After Taxes (NIAT),

What is The Meaning of Net Income After Taxes (NIAT)?

Meaning of Net Income After Taxes (NIAT): Net income after tax (NIAT) is a financial term used to describe a company's revenue after all taxes have been paid. Profit after tax is an accounting term and is most commonly used in a company's quarterly and annual financial reports. Net income after tax is profit or profit after deducting all expenses from revenue. Net income after tax calculation can be expressed in US dollars as total amount and in individual shares.

  • Net income after tax (NIAT) is a financial term used to describe a company's revenue after all taxes have been paid.
  • After deducting all expenses after tax, net profit after tax is equal to profit or profit.
  • Companies that increase their net income have more money to invest in the company's future, pay dividends and repurchase shares.

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