Net exporter

Net exporter,

Definition of Net exporter:

  1. A net exporter is a country or territory whose value of exported goods is higher than its value of imported goods over a given period of time.

  2. Countries produce goods based on the resources available in their region. Whenever a country cannot produce a particular good but still wants it, that country can buy it from other countries who produce and sell that good.

  3. A location, typically a specific country or territory, where the value of exported goods is higher than the value of the goods that it imports over a specific time period. Therefore, when the total value of goods that are exported has a higher value than the total value of its imports, it is said to have a positive balance of trade. This is the opposite of a net importer.

How to use Net exporter in a sentence?

  1. Net exporters run current account surpluses, and a weaker currency tends to make exports attractive on a global market.
  2. Countries abundant in natural resources such as oil tend to be net exporters.
  3. A net exporter is a country, which in aggregate, sells more goods to foreign countries through trade than it brings in from abroad.

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