Net Cash Surrender Value

Net Cash Surrender Value,

Net Cash Surrender Value means,

  1. In the case of life insurance, the surrender value is less than the loan amount and / or the surrender fee.

Literal Meanings of Net Cash Surrender Value


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Net Cash Surrender Value,

What is The Definition of Net Cash Surrender Value?

In the case of life insurance, the cost of surrendering is less than the loan amount and / or the surrender fee.

Literal Meanings of Net Cash Surrender Value


Meanings of Net:
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  3. ■■■■

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  1. Cash discount

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Meanings of Surrender:
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  3. Losers (compared to sports) (one point, game or advantage)

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  5. Finish (life insurance) and refund part of the premium paid.

  6. Buy back the life insurance contract.

Sentences of Surrender
  1. This policy, though unshakable, often meant that nearby towns surrendered rather than resisted.

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