Net cash-flow

Net cash-flow,

Definition of Net cash-flow:

  1. Especially in the case of liquidity, the total amount in and out of the company.

  2. The amount that remains after deducting cash outflow from cash income.

Synonyms of Net cash-flow

Cash, Stock, Reserves, Assets, Money, Funds, Wealth, Wherewithal, Revenue, Capital, Income, Resources

How to use Net cash-flow in a sentence?

  1. Net cash flow is significant, so we inform management how much money is in store.
  2. The company's net cash flow has improved in recent quarters, and the arguments they use relate to the new product lines that have been introduced.
  3. I have to calculate the net cash flow, which can be time consuming and stressful for all of us.
  4. These groups value the steady rental income cash flow that these bars provide.

Meaning of Net cash-flow & Net cash-flow Definition