Net cash-flow

Net cash-flow,

Definition of Net cash-flow:

  1. The total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business, especially as affecting liquidity.

  2. Balance remaining after deducting cash outflows from cash inflows.

Synonyms of Net cash-flow

Funds, Assets, Money, Capital, Resources, Cash, Wealth, Reserves, Wherewithal, Revenue, Income, Stock

How to use Net cash-flow in a sentence?

  1. The net cash-flow was substantial so we mentioned to management the amount of cash that the firm was sitting on.
  2. The companys net cash-flow had increased in recent quarters, and the reasoning they cited had to do with the new product line that had been rolled out.
  3. I had to determine the net cash-flow , which could take a really long time and cause a lot of stress among us all.
  4. These groups like the stable cash flow from rental income such pubs provide.

Meaning of Net cash-flow & Net cash-flow Definition