Net Amount

Net Amount,

What is The Meaning of Net Amount?

  1. This amount is multiplied by the price plus or minus commission.

Literal Meanings of Net Amount


Meanings of Net:
  1. Catch or land with a net (fish or other animal).

  2. (In sports) kicking or kicking (ball or puck) net (goal)

  3. Cover with net.

  4. A piece of open mesh material made of wire, rope ope, rope or the like, often used to catch fish or other animals.

  5. The structure is made of netting with a frame, which is intended for sports such as football and hockey.

  6. Smooth fabric with smooth fabric.

  7. A way to trap someone.

  8. Internet.

  9. Earn or receive as net income (a cash amount).

  10. Remaining after deductions like tax or rebate (quantity, price or value)

  11. (Effect or result) final or universal.

Sentences of Net
  1. Damage caused by fish fats

  2. Wright scored 177 goals in six years

  3. Fishermen are fixing their nets

  4. Turn Wilson's wings into a net

  5. Curtains

  6. The search has been postponed so that the killers can escape from the net.

Synonyms of Net

fishnet, trap, booby trap, make, lattice, be paid, lace, acquire, pocket, accumulate, after taxes, earn, concluding, mesh, closing, latticework, final, snare, gain, pull in, lacework, meshwork, clear


Meanings of Amount:
  1. A set of items, especially a combination of one or more items in number, size, price, or scope.

  2. When adding (amount)

Sentences of Amount
  1. For many, sports are fun

  2. Total loss of over 10 million

Synonyms of Amount

load, represent, be, quota, quantity, volume, aggregate, consignment, mass, be equal to, number, weight, make, total, be equivalent to, run to, add up to, bulk, count as, equal, group, sum, size, come to