Nesio In English

Nesio In English

What is stupid in English? (Looks stupid or dirty) Meaning ??

It's FOOL and the meaning is funny.

Hahahaha, some words sound ridiculous. I don't know what it should be like for someone who doesn't pronounce it. Spanish was the first language I learned:] I have heard people say that they speak very fast. :] I love Spain ... people too, culture. My French teacher's favorite Spanish word is mariposa, I will always remember it :) It means arafi.

This page can help you.

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What is stupid in English? (Looks stupid or dirty) What do you mean?

I'm not sure I can spell it. I'm sorry :(

Stupid in English

That means permanent!

There is someone who has not changed his mind!

Old means old, or old was Spanish, but now it means stubborn, especially in Mexico!

Nesio In English

Nesio In English

The meanings attributed to the Royal Spanish Academy are:

1. Fool and who does not know what he can or does not know.

2. Adjectives. Immediate or unreasonable.

3. Adjectives. Persistent and painful in everything you do or say.

4. Adjust one thing: done due to ignorance, utility, or progress.

Fool means stubborn.

Worryingly, Sisi I heard it used to describe a very sweet child in Mexico ... not wanting to sleep, wanting to get up and go to work, and so on.

To deceive. That means stupid.

Nesio In English