Neptune In 5th House

Neptune In 5th House

R and Neptune on the fifth mission? 3

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What are the main points of my art?

What does Mars mean in Aries in the eighth use?

And all these 4 planets on the tenth?

Also with Pluto in Scorpio in the third quest,

And Jupiter first in Virgo?

Saturn in sixth place in Aquarius?

Enjoy the planet, its uses and aspects in the best possible way.

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In its fifth use, Ur indicates that it is unconventional in self-expression, nouns, and romantic relationships. When Ur is needed (Neptune or Pluto, or to some extent Liu or Taurus seems difficult), he must learn to control himself and know himself because too much self can make him careless and frivolous. Your children are unusual, independent and verbal, but they need to use their energy constructively in their early years or you will suffer from their destructive behavior later in life. Creative and innovative, whatever the cost, you need to be comfortable.

With Neptune in her fifth performance, she has a strong image, is a natural actress and plays many roles in the dramas of her life. However, based on your desires or intentions in your previous life, you should make sacrifices for your children and love. You may turn to homeless people or join someone who is attached to another place or is not independent in some ways. Or your children may not be able to communicate with you as adults. If your Neptune suffers here (in the difficult aspect for Pluto, or to some extent, Virgo or Corn), you can ask for more and give less in return, except for a secret or forbidden relationship. ۔ You can do great work in an artist, poet, storyteller, movie or theater.

8. Use on mesh.

These locals suffer from accidents and fevers that can change their lives if they are not careful. Inheritance is often involved in lengthy litigation. Disagreements arose over financial matters. Since the opportunity to recreate it has come through decisive action, it has been a model for initiating projects and fulfilling others.

Mars in Aries

This is a very impressive position for Mars. The inhabitants of Aries have to act on the first instinct of Mars. Strong waves highlight the role of Mars in Aries, but its mood usually does not last long. In fact, these people don't usually live in the past and don't get angry easily. Usually, their emotions show up quickly and they get angry immediately because of the problem. There is little room for rot with such characters.

Pluto in the third mission

A good detective or investigator. You can't avoid going beyond the superficial. In the search for information, there is always the question mark, the questioning and the questioning ... the conversation, the writing, the speaking.

Jupiter in first use

In the first application of Jupiter, you will find comfort and general happiness at work through your power, which allows you to impress others with your happy, optimistic, happy, dignified, confident, and broad personality. The spirit facilitates self-expression, leadership, power, and prestige, enabling leadership positions in social, educational, and business circles. You need to have good reasoning, a broad and logical mind, calmness, confidence and determination. It represents high positions such as bankers, judges, doctors, lawyers, professors, theologians and government employees. You have the potential to make a place for yourself in society.

Saturn in the sixth mission

The use of the sixth sign, like the sixth sign of Virgo, represents an advanced level of personal development and is therefore very basic. The experience here determines our ability to deal with others on an equal basis (seventh use) and connects us through success or failure or separates us from others. It is about work and health use or lack of one or the other, hygiene and food, service, slavery and servitude, daily life, other people's work, small domestic animals. While the fifth use activity is performed alone, the sixth use activity is performed as needed or to support other expressive activities. If our work ends on its own or we lose purpose, it will be useless and can result in physical or mental illness. The problem with the planets in the sixth use is to remember what is the purpose of our work, where is your happiness? Life is not worth living without this knowledge.

It has different effects on other aspects of the chart. (And male / female age) This can mean overpowering your spirits and taking extreme measures to get their attention! A w have unattainable love goals // A w is good to play or play This Ogie is like a big Mars / Venus !! When they are so close to the connection, the two planets will try to overcome each other's energies! This can be very uncompromising on a large scale ... Pelicurin's instinct for knowledge helps control this trend. They are not in conflict with each other, they form a common energy union together. I now

Neptune In 5th House