Nemesis Plural

Nemesis Plural

Is the sworn enemy a multi-faceted form? ۔

I don't think you have as many enemies and only one, but what if (for example) you have the worst society?

I agree with the other interviewers that it is nemesis, ounces, nemesis. have nice day!

Nemesis Oxford English Dictionary:

1. In the form of a particularly sworn enemy. Verbally in science fiction: revenge or desire for revenge, reversing excessive happiness, controlling pride and punishing evil (thus) punishing someone with something to come, or making someone an agent of revenge.

B. Original and especially N. Amir. In constant use: constant ■■■■■■■■■■■, former rival, wrestling.

2. In the form of a particularly sworn enemy. Revenge justice (too) is an example of the decline that it brings.

B. Inevitable consequences (or causes and effects) of a particular activity or behavior, unavoidable restrictions or e.

3. Astronaut. In the case of the sworn enemy. A small immovable star that was compiled as a companion to the Sun in an article to explain the supposed cyclical nature of the Earth's extinction.

According to the hypothesis, the companion star follows a very eccentric orbit around the sun, orbits the cloud every 26 million years and sends a shower of comets into the solar system.

So when it comes to the fate of revenge, no, there won't be more than one. However, the closest use of the word means that one can.

Nemesis is Greek revenge, and one of them is enough.

Since it also (like other things) means that the adversary is invincible and, in this sense, the common man is the enemy.

Nemesis Plural