Nelly Bandaid

Nelly Bandaid is famous for wearing the bandaid on his left cheek. He wears this after the injury from the basketball game. After that, Nelly kept wearing it in honor of Lavell Webb. Lavell Webb is a famous American rapper and record producer.

Nelly Bandaid

Who is Nelly?

Here are some quick facts about Nelly:

Birth Name Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.
Famous Name Nelly
Age 46
Born November 2, 1974,
Country of Origin the United States of America
Net Worth $40 Million
Source of Wealth Professional Singer/Rapper

Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., who goes by the stage name Nelly, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, investor, actor, and business owner from St. Louis, Missouri. In 1993, he started making music with a Midwest hip-hop group called St. Lunatics.

Nelly then signed with Universal Records in 1999. In 2000, he released his first solo album, Country Grammar, which Universal released. The single “Ride With Me” and the song are paired with top ten hits.

His album’s first spot on the Billboard 200 was at number three. Not only that, but it went on to be the most popular song. Nelly’s album with the most sales is called “Country Grammar.” It has sold more than 8.4 million copies in the United States alone.

“Dilemma” and “Hot in Herre” were both world number-one hits from his next album, Nellyville. Kelly Rowland was in these songs. “Air Force Ones” with St. Lunatics and Murphy Lee, and “Work It” with Justin Timberlake are some of his other singles.

Story of Nelly’s BandAid

Nelly is a platinum-selling rapper who was especially popular in the early 2000s. He kept wearing a small band-aid on his face during this time. Many people did not understand why since any wound that needed such a bandaid would have healed in much less time.

Nelly finally said that the bandage was for a basketball injury that turned into more than that. After the basketball scar healed, Nelly wore the bandage to honor his longtime friend Lavell “City Spud” Webb. Webb was in prison for ten years for a robbery he did not do. Nelly said, “I know that when he sees me on T.V. with this Band-Aid on, he knows I am doing it for him.”

If you look at the bandaid from an anthropological point of view, Nelly is making a physical scar to represent an emotional one. There is nothing under the band-aid, but when you think about what a band-aid means, you can see that right away. People have wondered for years what kind of scare could be under it.

Because one of his best friends was in jail, he decided to keep the scar until Webb was released 9 years later. Since then, many people have done the same thing for friends who were in jail. Others get tattoos to remember loved ones who have been locked up. No matter what, the scar stays on the mind.

Merleau-Ponty says in his book Phenomenology of Perception, “To be a body is to be tied to a certain world, as we have seen. Our body is not primarily in space; it is of it.” The body is a connection point for the soul. Nelly’s work could be seen as an attempt to show how the soul feels through its physical form. He does this by interacting with the space in that Merleau-Ponty says his body is off.

Nelly’s Career

  • “Country Grammar” was Nelly’s first album. His music career began. Album included “Country Grammar,” “E.I.,” and “Ride Wit Me.” “Nellyville” was Nelly’s second album. It was a popular record. The number-one album sold millions of copies worldwide.

  • “Sweat” is Nelly’s third album. The album was well-received by critics and topped charts worldwide. Next, he played Earl Megget in “The Longest Yard.” The film grossed decently. Same year, he published “Brass Knuckles,” another success.

  • He published “5.0” in 2010. Derrty Ent and Universal Motown released it. This album’s smash single “Just a Dream” After a year, he guest-starred on TV. Some shows include “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle” and “90210.”

  • 2012 mixtape “Scorpio Season” Two mixtapes. In 2011, he appeared on “The Next: Fame Is at Your Doorstep.” 2013 single “Hey Porsche” It’s from “M.O.” Chris Brown will sing “Marry Go Round,” he claimed. By June 2022, Nelly is valued at $40 million.


Here are some of Nelly’s best moments in the music business:

Famous Music Year
Dilemma 2002
My Place 2004
Grillz 2005
5.0 2010
Just a Dream 2010

Awards & Successes

  • For the song “Country Grammar,” which came out in 2001, he won the Grammy Award for “Best Rap Solo Performance.”

  • With the song “Dilemma,” he won the Grammy Award for “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration” in 2003. He also won a Grammy Award for “Best Male Rap Solo Performance” for “Hot in Herre” the same year.

  • In 2004, he won the Grammy for “Shake Ya Tailfeather,” which he did with Diddy and Murphy Lee. The award was for “Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.”

Why does Nelly use a Bandaid on his Face?

It is funny to think back to 2002 and remember that one of society’s biggest questions was probably why ‘Ride Wit Me’ R&B alpha male Nelly wore a small white bandage on his left cheek. Was it ever found out? Do not worry if you do not.

Move ahead, Tristan Walker quietly told the world, in October 2010 that Nelly’s bandage, band-aid, or plaster was not a sign of vanity, even though it had become a part of his image. Not at all. It was the opposite.

The band-aid was initially worn to conceal a basketball injury, according to Tristan. Despite this, Time Magazine claims that Nelly continued to wear the scar as a tribute to ex-St. Lunatic member Lavell Webb (also known as “City Spud”).

"Nelly says that Webb is not guilty, even though he is serving a 10-year sentence for robbery. Nelly said, “I know that when he sees me on T.V. with this Band-Aid on, he knows I am doing it for him.”

3 Things to Learn from Nelly

1. There is talent everywhere

Everyone has that drive and desire to be seen and heard, so you go out there and do your thing to prove that we have just as much skill as everyone else.

2. Get more people to doubt you than to back you.

As you get better at the game and become a legend, you get more doubters than fans. That is all right. Nelly thinks that it goes along with anything hard. He also thinks that it is a part of sports. Michael Jordan thinks that as he got older, people began to doubt him more and more.

3. Never give up on your goals

There are many individuals who appreciate what you’ve done and the gates you’ve provided, but some understand that they won’t be able to make the same amount of money they believed they could if you first began.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about the Nelly Bandaid. We discussed a few of them below:

1 - When did Nelly wear bandaids?

In 2002, Nelly also started one of the coolest fashion trends of the early 2000s: wearing bandages on the upper cheek. At first, Nelly wore the Band-Aid to hide an injury he got while playing basketball.

2 - Why did Nelly start singing country music?

"Knowing that some people in this style of music are not as open to letting other people succeed, I thought it was very important that I got a chance to celebrate this project and work with as many African American country artists as I could put this together.

3 - Why do rappers put bandages on their faces?

Tristan wrote, “At first, Nelly wore the band-aid to hide a basketball injury.” "But Entertainment Weekly says that after the scar healed, Nelly kept wearing it to honor ex-St. Lunatic member Lavell Webb (also known as “City Spud”) worked with Nelly on his hit song “Ride Wit Me.”

4 - Can a Band-Aid be put on my face?

Face wounds usually bleed a lot. Use a lotion or cream that kills germs or petroleum jelly. Cover the area with a bandage or gauze pad that sticks.

5 - How did Nelly’s face get like that?

Nelly had a basketball injury from a long time ago and decided to wear a bandage on the side of his face. Even after the injury healed, he kept wearing the bandage to honor his friend City Spub, who was in prison for 9 years. Remember that song by Juicy? In his music video, he has a bandage on his face.

6 - Why did Nelly keep putting a bandaid on for so long?

Nelly has said that he started wearing the bandaid on his cheek after he got hurt playing basketball, but he kept wearing it even after the scar healed to honor Lavell Webb, who worked with him on Ride Wit Me and was in prison for 10 years at the time.

7 - How much money does Nelly have?

Nelly is an American rapper who was worth 45 million dollars.

8 - What makes Nelly so wealthy?

He started working while he was still in high school, and he became well-known very quickly. Nelly is only 44 years old, but he has his clothing brand, is a celebrity product endorser, and gives back to the community.

9 - What is a bandage’s purpose?

A bandage is used to hold a dressing in place over a wound, apply pressure to a bleeding wound to stop the bleeding, attach a splint to an injured part of the body, and support an injured part of the body.

10 - What is Nelly up to in the year 2022?

Nelly is on tour right now in 3 countries, and he has 32 shows. The next stop on their tour is at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln. After that, they will be at Shoshone Bannock Casino Hotel in Chubbuck.

11 - What does the tattoo on Nelly say?

Nelly has the word “Lunatic” tattooed across his stomach as a tribute to his hometown of St. Louis and the hip-hop group the St. Lunatics.

12 - What is the full name of Nelly?

Cornell Iral Haynes Jr is the real name of Nelly.

13 - Why do rappers have tattoos everywhere?

Face tattoos are becoming a way for artists to make themselves instantly recognizable. They can represent anything from occult wisdom to drug culture, and they are both signs of a big change in the artist’s life and bold marketing stunts meant to make them more important.

14 - When Nelly moved to St. Louis, he was how old?

Nelly and his Air Force man father, Cornell Haynes Sr., lived in Spain until Nelly was 3 years old. They then moved to St. Louis. Nelly’s parents had trouble making ends meet and split up when he was seven.

15 - Who was Nelly’s girlfriend?

In the early 2000s, he dated fellow rapper Eve for a few years. He also dated Kelly Rowland and Claudia Jordan for a short time.


Nelly is a rapper who has won four Grammy Awards and is one of the biggest stars of the 21st century. With the album “Country Grammar,” his first album, he launched his career to great heights. After his first album came out, he became very popular, and with his next albums, he started to see the same kind of success.

People have asked why he had to wear a bandage of all the things in the world. There is a reason, however. Stories and other sources say that a basketball injury led to the need for a band-aid. However, the rapper kept wearing it even after he was no longer hurt. Many people thought it was strange because any wound that needed a band-aid would heal quickly.

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How many albums did Nelly put out?

Nelly is an American rapper who has put out eight studio albums, two compilation albums, one remix album, three extended plays, two mixtapes, 49 singles (14 of which he was a part of), and three promotional singles, and 48 music videos. He was also in a hip-hop group called St.

Why is the rapper Nelly wearing a bandage on his face?

It’s like a belt, and he wears it because his brother / best friend is in jail and wants to represent him. Modestars BandAid released a video of their 2002 pairing with Kelly Rowland, Dilemma and Nelly, and Nelly admitted that she quickly embraced the scene when it became a hot topic in media circles. ۔

But I had to let it go because it became more of a story than I wanted. He became superior to me. Everyone asked for plaster and I said it was just plaster. I’ll tell you something; I’ll take it off.

First, he suffered a real injury from a softball accident. He covered the wound when he recorded a specific band in plaster. This was the idea of ​​the people, which is why his manager used it as a publicity stunt.

  • Nellie then changes her clothes and puts bandages on her cheeks to show solidarity with her captive brother City S (Level Webb).

  • It reminds me of when I was 21, and my first serious boyfriend went to Italy. He kisses my cheek and then puts a red ribbon on it, so I promise I won’t forget.

  • Nellie wears a bandage on her cheek to show solidarity with her captive brother City S (Level Webb).

The rapper also emphasized that the cast was never meant to be fashionable but merely a symbol of friendship with fellow inmates. Said I used it on my friend City S, who is in jail. The idea is that when he sees me on TV or whatever, he will think about it.

Why is there a Nelly’s Band-Aid?

If you have seen any of Nelly’s early music videos, like “Juice” or “Hot in Herre,” he was wearing a small bandage on his left cheek. People have asked why he had to wear a bandage of all the things in the world. There is a reason, though. Stories and other sources say that a basketball injury led to the need for a band-aid.

But the rapper kept wearing it even after he was no longer hurt. Many people thought it was strange because any wound that needed a band-aid would heal quickly. He kept wearing it to honor Lavell Webb, better known as City Spud, who worked with him on music and was a close friend.

When Nelly’s career started, City Spud went to jail for armed robbery. He was given a ten-year prison sentence. After nine years, Spud got out of prison, and Nelly didn’t take off his bandage until then. City Spud, who used to be in the band St. Lunatic, worked with Nelly on the hit song “Ride Wit Me.”

Nelly thought Spud was innocent, even though he was in jail at the time. He said, “I know that when he sees me on TV with this Band-Aid on, he knows I’m doing it for him.”

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Net Worth: $8 Million
Age: 47
Born: November 2, 1974
Gender: Male
Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)

rapper with bandaid on face

  • There is a lot of public interest in the Atlanta rap scene these days, and there is also a lot of debate on how to properly describe it.

  • In an interview with T-squared Magazine, Rapsody says that she sees Atlanta rap as a combination of the gangstas rap of NWA.

  • the revolution rap of The Notorious B.I.G., the trap music of Logic, and the underground hip-hop movement of Odd Future.

  • There’s nothing like a little bit of excess. From the bandaid on your face to the gold chain that hangs off your neck, you can always add a little bit of extra to your wardrobe.

  • There’s nothing wrong with that - when you’re a rapper you need to look your best, after all.

  • That’s why we love how a rapper with a bandaid on his face has decided to give us all a look that’s all about excess.

  • Hip-hop has changed considerably in the last few years. It used to be that rappers would just talk about rapping. Now, there are many artists who have started rapping with bandaids on their faces.

  • This has led to new genres of music like trap music, mumble rap, and even rock rap. This article will focus on talk rap and mumble rap.

  • One of the things that I find annoying about a lot of rappers is when they wear bandaids on their faces.

Why do I have a face, you have a face?"

  • This quote refers to the fact that people with faces are generally people of value.

  • When someone has a face, whether it’s an actual face or simply a bandaid, that’s a good first step in character building.

  • From there, you can turn to the tasks and do them in the most reliable, efficient manner.

  • Ten years ago, rapper 50 Cent was making a living selling his influence on the music world.

  • Today he is an international celebrity with a record deal, his own clothing line, and a publicist that manages him. How did he get to be the man he is today?

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4. Could you at any point put a Band-Aid all over?

Facial injuries frequently drain intensely. Apply a sterile moisturizer or cream, or petrol jam. Cover the region with a glue wrap or bandage cushion.

5. What are the pimple patches on TikTok called?

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9. What does the bandage on the face mean?

“From the beginning, Nelly wore the bandage to conceal a ball injury,” Tristan composed. "In any case, as per Entertainment Weekly, after that scar recuperated, Nelly continued to wear it to pay tribute to ex St. Insane person Lavell Webb (a.k.a. City Spud), who teamed up with Nelly on his hit tune, 'Ride Wit Me

10. Who began bandaging on the face pattern?


4. Nelly and his facial bandage. During the previous piece of his profession, Nelly began to brandish a bandage under his left eye. The bandage began showing up in recordings and afterward it wouldn’t disappear.


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